John Deere has made the 6250R combines light weight but with high power to deliver top performance in the field or on the road. It is also a clever machine thanks to the John Deere CommandPro joystick and other advanced features. The 6250R delivers an impressive maximum power of 300 hp with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) at only 9.3 tonnes unladen weight. This equates to an outstanding power density of 31 kg/hp, which is especially important for contractor applications that require lots of road transport.

This power density is unique for this class of tractors and gives outstanding acceleration. The wheelbase of 2.9m makes this tractor very stable. Combine this with the triple-link suspension (TLS Plus) and HCS Plus cab suspension and the result is outstanding ability for road travel.

John Deere has also given the 6250R the ability to meet all hydraulic demands thanks to the 160 litre/min pump and maximum hydraulic flow at 1500 rpm. Power comes from the six-cylinder, 6.8-litre PowerTech PSS engine. These high-performance engines are combined with John Deere’s proven AutoPowr infinitely variable transmission (IVT) transmission to deliver maximum productivity and efficiency.
The engine’s high performance is made possible by the fourvalve high pressure common rail (HPCR) technology. The PSS version of the engine uses a two-stage turbocharger that multiplies the pressure in the common rail engine.
IPM provides an additional 30kW (40 hp) of power for transport and PTO operation. Maximum power and torque are achieved at 1900 rpm and 1600 rpm respectively to ensure optimum response with low fuel consumption.
The AutoPowr IVT can be operated with either the CommandPro joystick or the familiar thumbwheel

AutoPowr can focus on load control or fuel economy. Load control provides automatic transmission ground-speed adjustment under load to maintain constant peak power and maximum productivity, while the fuel economy function provides constant vehicle speed at reduced engine rpm with light loads or during transport.
The ComfortView cab provides plenty of room and great visibility so the operator can work comfortably. They have easy access to all tractor and implement controls. With the optional CommandPRO joystick optional operators can boost the driving experience further by customising some controls.
For precision farming applications, the 6250R is factory ready for GPS guidance via a StarFire 6000 receiver and 4600 display on the CommandArm. Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC) integrates AutoTrac automatic steering and implement management systems to control the tractor’s speed, front and rear mounted implements, and differential lock engagement. This allows for hands-free turns while reducing soil compaction.

Over his 19 yeasr in contracting, Tony Hart has learned to rely on John Deere.
“I have found John Deere longevity and reliability is superior. They just make good, strong tractors,” he says.
Tony bought his first John Deere 14 years ago and has had one or more ever since. He has tractors with 17,000 hours and still on the frontline.
His business, Hartland Agricultural, is based in Patetonga, north of Morrinsville, and his business covers everything agricultural, including all groundwork and maize harvest, which he does with three John Deere forage harvesters.
In addition to his own fleet of 20 Deere tractors, he leases three or four tractors to meet the summer demand. Last September he leased a John Deere 6250R with the premium cab option.
“It is outstanding,” he says. “The comfort of the machine is first class with the infinitely variable transmission, which is so simple and easy to use.”

Simplicity is important as Tony has 22 staff over summer and he wants them thinking about the
implement, not about driving the tractor. The 6250R is a big tractor with a lot of pulling power but still manoeuvrable when getting into gateways or towing implements, even with super singles on the back.
Tony needs its 250 hp to pull a 6m drill in spring. He also needs the weight on the hills so the drill does not overwhelm the tractor. A front hitch allows the 6250R to be back-up for triple mowers or
stacking. The 6.8-litre PowerTech PSS engine gives fuel efficiency with low emissions.
Tony describes himself as computer- illiterate, but says the console is easy enough for him to find what he needs, for example, using AutoTrac and finding out how many hectares are planted. It also has the luxuries of life for those who like computers. “I can manoeuvre around it to get the simple stuff, but the boys scoot through everything.”
The console is ISOBUS compatible, allowing implements to be controlled through it rather than cluttering up the cab with a multitude of screens.

It has a Starfire 6000 receiver for GPS guidance with up to 2.5 cm correction signal for greater accuracy that comes through the John Deere network. His tractors with loader wagons are also linked into the John Deere JDLink
network, which gives Tony the ability to check on his phone what the tractors and wagons are up to.

“I know they are on a 25-ha job and I can see that they have done 22 ha. That means there is 3 ha left and it will take an hour and a bit to get done, and I can work that out without ringing them.”

The tractor and the chopper have the same ability to be tracked and Tony will be using that. This is good for safety and gives Tony the ability to have clear communication with his clients.
“I can call the next client and say the wagon will be there in about two hours.”
If it is going to be a long day then the 6250R’s lights are outstanding.
“It would light up a rugby field, the lights are that good.”
To make it easier on the operator, the cab layout is designed for comfort and efficiency, as is the suspension. Tony says the suspension in his other Deere tractors is great but the system in the 6250R “is awesome”.
Tony leased the John Deere 6250R from AGrowQuip in Cambridge.
Nothing has needed repairing on this tractor but when he has needed help in the past they offer a 24/7 back-up service.
“They go above and beyond to keep my gear moving especially the harvesters. They come as soon as there is a problem – day or night. On the few occasions the part isn’t in New Zealand then it’s on the overnight flight from Melbourne.”
He says AGrowQuip has been at the airport to collect a part off a 4:00 am flight to get it to his yard that morning.

“The service and back up in the workshop are first class.”

-Paul Titus, as seen in Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer 

April/ May 2019 Issue 187