John purchased the new John Deere 9700 earlier this year from Chris Hughes at AGrowQuip Cambridge. He has over 40 years experience using John Deere machinery in his Te Awamutu based contracting company John Austin Ltd. What makes John so confident in John Deere and his purchases? After putting the harvester through its paces, John talked to NZ Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer Magazine about the harvester's Precision Ag technology that makes all the difference for him and his customers:

"Our Deere forage harvesters deliver excellent cut quality and we can give our customers any length of cut they want,"John says.

"We use GPS to do yield mapping with the forage harvesters. We provide yeld maps to all of our customers.

"Our newer forage harvesters have HarvestLab NIR sensors so we can also give the customers a breakdown of the crop's dry matter content and the quality of the sugar, starch, protein and fibre if they want it. We mainly do that when harvesting maize, although, we can do it for grass if someone really wants it."

There is a lot more that John has to say about why he would recommend the wide body Deere forage harvesters. To read the full story that covers the engine to the kernel processors click on this link to access the pdf. 

Or contact Chris, Dale and the rest of the AGrowQuip team on 0800 TRACTOR (872 286).