“Just a few weeks ago here at AGrowQuip, our salesman Dan had what he thought was just another run of the mill ride-on trade in enquiry but it proved to be a litte more than just that. 

The enquiry came from lovely Heather and Ray who manage the ResCare over in Weymouth and the said trade-in mower in question happened to be one of the longest running we here at agrowquip have come accross. Purchased by Heather and Ray in 2006, thats right this mower is just over 12 years old, this little ride on has seen an estimated 6,000 hours of work in its lifetime, whilst wanting nothing more than a new battery. 

This story just goes to prove that with regular serviceing and genuine oil and filters, John Deere Machines can truly stand the test of time. 

With the advances in technology since 2006 Heather and Ray decided to upgrade to one of our Z335E mowers. This was advised as one of the best machines for the team, as with many different communal areas and gardens to maintain the ease-of-use and manoeuvrability of the zero turn will completely revoloutionise the job at hand. 

Catching up with Ray, Heather and the team last week its easy to see how happy they are with their new mower even if the lever steering is taking a bit of getting used too. But in cheif mower Heathers words "I'm getting better and faster everyday". 

Here at AgrowQuip were so happy to be Heather & Rays choice of dealership and here's to hoping the new mower lives up to its predecessor!”