The Going Bananas Show is a stage show that comes to a town near you every year.  This is a series of shows based around two lead characters. Follow them each year as they face new adventures in wonderful far away places. The Going Bananas Show strives to bring back the magic of live theatre to regional towns and cities. 

Watch the magic in the eyes of the audience light up as they experience something that only a live stage show can bring. We work with hundreds of special needs organisations, that in turn deal with a wide range of children, to select the families that will get the opportunity to attend the show. Generally the children have learning, social, physical, medical or mental ailments.

In 2018 The Going Bananas Show, The Search For The Banana Thief will be performed for the disadvantaged children, those with special needs and their families in our community. They will get to follow the mad capped adventures of Hillman the Hunter and his faithful one-man film crew Jerry Can as they head into the jungle to solve the mystery of all the missing bananas. Audience participation, spot prizes and competitions are all incorporated into this 90 minute interactive live stage show filled with comedic antics and magic tricks. It's a joy to watch their eyes light up as they experience the magic that only a live stage show can bring.

This years Waikato Districs Annual Going Bananas Stage show will be taking place at Fairfield College on 8th September 2018. If you are interested in tickets and more information find out more at the Going Bananas website here.