Other Finance Options

Other Finance Options

Origin Finance


Origin Ag Finance offer special interest rates on ALL Origin AG group products and have catered three different finance plans to suit the individuals needs. They can also tailor-make the terms to suit the customers needs of seasonal payments or add a deposit.

UDC Finance


UDC Finance offer flexible repayments and loan terms, fast turnaround on applications and competitive rates. They also do the Operating leases. They can help finance your vehicle whether you’re buying from a UDC accredited dealer, non-accredited dealer or private vendor.

General Conditions: https://udc.co.nz/tp/download/644537/2e57569a8d3d250a895005ab760f2211/terms_and_conditions.pdf

Credit Sales Agreement: https://udc.co.nz/tp/download/644521/f8835a3fd97bcfa9bd4a0c035a54ca6c/20152104001.pdf

Term Loan: https://udc.co.nz/tp/download/644546/941458797c37b7425bee8f5f2a2b1542/20152104005.pdf

Security Agreement: https://udc.co.nz/tp/download/644550/f831f160889620b6d187e447d2689745/20152104007.pdf