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Privacy Policy

AGrowQuip Privacy Policy


At AGrowQuip we are committed to your Privacy and to operating within the principles of the Privacy Act 1993.
This policy outlines what information we collect about you, the sources we use to gather this information, the reasons for collecting it and the safeguards we have in place to protect it.
It is important you are aware that you can ask us for any information we hold on you and can ask to have this amended.


This policy covers the personal data we collect about you in relation to our farm vehicle and equipment business which identifies you as an individual. It does not apply to data we may obtain in aggregated form which does not identify you as an individual, for example, general market information we obtain from a third party.

What we collect

The information we may collect about you includes, but not limited to:

  • The nature of the organisation you are involved in, for example, whether you are a sole trader, in a partnership, in a limited company and any information relevant to that organisation (e.g. Directors, Partners)
  • Your name, address (and any former address) and contact details, including telephone and mobile number, and email address; 
  • Your date of birth, if you are a sole trader
  • Bank information; 
  • Your solicitor and accountant’s name and address
  • Trade references
  • Information about your credit history or other publicly available information about you from consumer reporting agencies.
  • Information transmitted by your computer’s browser software to our systems
  • Information relating to your transactions with us and other agencies related to us, such as the identification of any vehicle or machinery you purchase from us and the method by which you finance any vehicle or machinery purchase
  • Information regarding the running of vehicles and machinery during your ownership including service history and hours of operation
  • Location data such as geographic location of electronic devices used on  the vehicle or machinery you have purchased;
  • Other information, with your consent, for assisting you with the operation of your business

Machine Data

Machine Data is data generated by, collected by, or stored in your equipment or any hardware or device interfacing with your equipment. Machine data includes the location of your equipment, the number of engine hours of your equipment, data regarding equipment operation (such as quantity of fuel used etc), equipment diagnostic data, and agronomic data.

Your machine data may be accessed by an AGrowQuip employee upon your consent for the purposes of assisting your business operations. Machine data will not be released to any 3rd party without the receipt of written consent of the owner (email, letter or other written format).

Sources of Information

We collect personal data primarily from you in connection with the purchase or hiring of vehicles and equipment or when you register an account with us. Other sources of information we use include:   

  • Data from our website related to your interactions with us
  • Our in vehicle and machinery technology
  • Service records including repair and maintenance histories
  • Other companies that have business relationships with us including credit or lending agencies
  • Surveys we may send to you

Purposes for Collection

Your personal data will not be used in a way that is inconsistent with the purpose for which it was collected or as authorised by you. The reasons for the collection of data include:

  • The processing and/or confirmation of your vehicle or machinery purchase transactions
  • Assisting you with obtaining finance for your vehicle or machinery purchase including the processing of financing documentation/applications
  • Liaising, with your consent, with any financial or credit agency (including John Deere Financial Limited if you are obtaining finance through them) in order to arrange credit
  • Providing you with customer assistance including contact regarding service requirements or potential replacement of vehicles and machinery
  • Keeping you up to date with our range of products and services
  • Assisting with accounts requirements including billing and collecting amounts owed, arising from, or in connection with your transactions with us
  • Customer satisfaction and market research purposes to help us improve our services or provide business advice
  • Enabling us to communicate with you (by mail, email or text)  about marketing publications
  • Assisting you in the management of your business

Retention and Storage of your Information

We usually keep personal information about you for as long as we believe appropriate for the purposes for which it was collected.

We will protect your information by taking all reasonable steps within our power. There is no totally secure method of transmitting or storing data, for example, emails, text messages, etc. All have risks associated with them however we will take all reasonable measures to protect against:

  • Loss
  • Any access, use, modification, or disclosure of your information
  • Any non-planned routing or interception of data
  • Misuse of your information

The protections we have in place include:

  • Restricting access to personal data to our employees or service providers on a “need to know” basis
  • Using technologies designed to safeguard data during its transmission

Correction of Information

You are entitled to request the correction of any personal information we have about you. To do this you can contact a member of our Admin team at our Pukekohe Head office.

When requesting information we may ask for information/identification to ensure you are the person we are dealing with

Further Information

If you have any further questions about the operation of our Privacy Policy please contact our Privacy Officer who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.