Alpego DG 250HP Folding Power Harrow
Alpego DG 250HP Folding Power Harrow
Alpego DG 250HP Folding Power Harrow


  •  Strong chassis Made from Fine Grain Swedish Steel
  •  Round Blade supports - for less drag and lower power
  •  "TWIN FORCE" Modular Rotors with TIMKEN TAPER roller bearings
  •  Double Labyrinth Rotor seal protection 2 YEAR WARRANTY!
  •  Deep Clearance Rotor Shafts for excellent crop stubble handling
  •  Rear Levelling Bar with Automatic Level Control and screw adjusters
  •  Floating Lower Link mounting & Frame with Spring Loaded side Shields
  •  Spring Loaded side Shields
  •  Waltershield P.T.O Drive shafts with Auto Cut out Cam-Clutches
  •  Standard Rotor speed 359/230 RPM other speeds available on request
  •  Special angled Blades with sweep back for less power
  •  Phased Blade timing for lower power and smoother running
  •  Floating roller mounted on parallelogram with fast depth adjustment
  •  Narrow 2.45m transport Width and Road Lights Standard

Folding power harrow for the professional farmer or contractor with over 150hp tractor. Features ALPEGO's unique TWIN FORCE rotors with Timken conical roller bearings and double oil seals protected by a special deep labyrinth seal protection.


Model Working Width P.T.O No. Blades No. Rotors
DG-401 4.0M 1000 16+16 16
DG-501 5.0M 1000 20+20 20
DG-601 6.0M 1000 24+24 24


  •  S10002 - 4.0M CAGE ROLLERS 400mm Dia (PAIR)
  •  S10010 - 5.0M CAGE ROLLERS 500mm Dia (PAIR)
  •  S10011 - 6.0M CAGE ROLLERS 500mm Dia (PAIR)
  •  SO3020S - 4.0M PACKER ROLLERS 480mm Dia (PAIR)
  •  S03022S - 5.0M PACKER ROLLERS 520mm Dia (PAIR)
  •  S03023S - 6.0M PACKER ROLLERS 520mm Dia (PAIR)