Alpego RD 120HP Fixed Power Harrow


  •  Strong Box section chassis Made from Special Swedish Steel
  •  Round Blade supports - for less drag and lower power
  •  Rear Levelling Bar with Automatic Level Control and screw adjusters
  •  Floating lower Link mounting
  •  Spring Loaded side Shields
  •  P.T.O Drive shaft with Auto Cut out Cam-Clutch
  •  Selecta speed Gearbox with pick off gears to change rotor speeds
  •  Stand Rotor speed 270/340 RPM other speeds/ Gears available on request
  •  Special angled Blades with sweep back for less power 
  •  Phased Blade timing for lower power and smoother running
  •  Floating roller mounted on parallelogram with fast depth adjustment

RD power harrows feature a robust box section linkage mounting frame with floating lower linkage pins and a reliable 120HP P.T.O rated multi speed gearbox with automatic cam clutch for ideal performance in all soil conditions,


  •  S10004 - 2.5m CAGE Roller
  •  S10005 - 3.0m CAGE Roller
  •  S03006 - 2.5m Packer Roller
  •  S03004 - 2.5m Packer Roller
  •  E01962 - ROTOR STONE SHIELDS (20pcs for 2.5m / 24pcs for 3.0m)