Alpego T20 25-50HP Mulcher
Alpego T20 25-50HP Mulcher


  •  Low Profile Steel Body made from Fine Grain Swedish Steel
  •  Rounded anti Snag R/H side body
  •  Free wheel Clutch inside Oil filled Gear Box - 540 rpm
  •  Quality Cog Belt Drive for maximum power transfer
  •  Cast steel Hammer Flails - Robust will mulch wood up to 35mm
  •  High Speed rotor - provides excellent grass cutting finish
  •  CAT I/II 3pt Linkage mounting - Manual VARIABLE Offset Adjustment
  •  Full Width Adjustable Rear roller standard
  •  Fixed internally welded Counter knife ledger plate for extra fine mulching

Compact mower mulcher ideally suited to tractors from 25hp up to 50hp perfectly suited to the small farm,orchard or vinyard reqiuring a robust mower to mulch grass,and light prunnings. A high flail speed ensures a clean cutting finish resulting in a lawn finish effect.


Model Working Width Overall Width No. Blades Weight Kg
T20-120 1.2M 1.27M 16 330Kg
T20-140 1.4M 1.47M 20 365Kg
T20-160 1.6M 1.67M 22 395Kg
T20-180 1.8M 1.87M 24 425Kg


  •  Hydraulic offset ram