Alpego TT97 90-160HP Mulcher


  •  High Body clearance and large rotor for heavy working conditions
  •  Double plated wear proof skin chassis
  •  Front chain guards
  •  Rear opening Adjustable Hood - For discharge in heavy conditions
  •  Free wheel Clutch inside Oil filled Gear Box - 1000 rpm
  •  Quality 5 x Cog Belt Drive for maximum power transfer
  •  Hardened spring steel "Y" Flails (Double Sided for Double Life)
  •  Optional cast Steel hammers for smooth finish
  •  High Speed rotor - provides excellent cutting and mulching finish
  •  CAT II 3pt Linkage mounting - Centrally Mounted
  •  Counter knifes for finer mulching (recommended for straw)

Heavy Duty Mulcher ideally suited to larger tractors for stubble mulching of crop residue and topping large areas of pasture


Model Working Width Overall Width No. Y Blades Weight Kg
TT97-320 3.2M 3.4M 68 1445


  •  Rear Roller
  •  Skids (PAIR)