Bogballe L2 Plus Fertilizer Spreader
Bogballe L2 Plus Fertilizer Spreader


  •  To border headland spreading - easy one step lever engage/disengage
  •  E2 Vanes (Std) for 20 - 24M () spread width (Depends on Fertilizer)
  •  P.T.O shaft with overload clutch
  •  Stainless Steel Discs, Hopper bottom, Nuts, Bolts and components
  •  Long life wear resistant Manganese Steel Vanes
  •  Quad Overlap (In - Centre spreading system) - the most accurate!
  •  Powder Coated "Flexi-Coat" paint finish
  •  Options of Hydraulic shutter control or "ICON" Variable rate controller

(*) Spreading width and Hopper capacity can vary due to fertiliser

12-24m* 1150 - 2050 LT* 2.1M Hopper Width
Code Model *Hopper capacity Vanes fitted *Spread Width
BA L21150 L2 PLUS 1150 LT E2 20-24m
BA L21600 L2 PLUS 1600 LT E2 20-24m
BA L22050 L2 PLUS 2050 LT E2 20-24m