John Deere TC125 Debris Collector


  • 48-inch collection swath
  • 0.7 cubic meter (25 cubic foot) capacity hopper
  • Hydraulic powered lift cylinder
  • Adjustable roller height
Gathering width, in. (cm) 48-in (121.9 cm)
Height, in. (cm) 64-in (162.5 cm) lowered
Length, in. (cm) 138-in (350.5 cm)
Width, in. (cm) 94-in (238.7 cm)

Finish up the job with our clean up crew.

The TC125 Collection System makes cleaning up cores a breeze. With a hopper capacity of 25 cubic ft. (0.71 m³) and 48-inch (121.9 cm) collection swatch,the TC125 can clear the average green in 15 minutes. The adjustable roller height allows for varying turf conditions, which prevents aggressive brush wear. And the hydraulic-powered lift cylinder makes it easy for one person to dump cores.