John Deere 4044R
John Deere 4044R
John Deere 4044R


  • 31.7kW (42.5 hp)
  • Naturally aspirated diesel engine
  • eHydro™ Transmission
  • Open Station
  • Premium features: Hitch Assist, Aux Hitch Control, HST controls
Engine type 4 cylinder Diesel, Turbocharged
Rated Engine 24.1 kW (32.3 hp) at 2,600 rpm
Lift capacity (610mm behind Lift Ends)  1134 kg
Hydraulic Flow 60.2 L/min

Our premium 4R Series tractors are specially designed to make life easier! LoadMatch™ eliminates stalling by automatically matching engine speed to the engine load. Standard Hitch Assist makes the rear hitch faster to use and safer. The optional self-levelling Quik-Park™ Loader attaches in less than three minutes, and the standard air ride seat keeps you comfortable and productive all day long