John Deere 3038R
John Deere 3038R
John Deere 3038R


  • 3-Cylinder Diesel Turbocharged
  • PowrReverser™ or E-hydro transmission with Twin Touch™ pedals
  • AutoConnect Mowing Deck option
  • ComfortGard Cab option
Engine type 3 cylinder Diesel Turbocharged
Rated Engine (97/68/EC) 27.3 kW (36.6 hp) at 2600 rpm
Lift capacity 999 kg (at lift points)
Hydraulic Flow 52.5 L/min

To help you use the power of your 3R Series tractors to the full, we fit a whole suite of advanced features as standard. These include 4WD, a digital performance tracking system and LoadMatch™ – an incredible electric engine power management system for peak performance in every application.