John Deere 663R


  • Mechanical Self-Levelling (MSL) and Non Self-Levelling (NSL*) options
  • Unobstructed view
  • Safe, easy mounting
  • Effortless locking
Lift height 4,500 mm (pivot)
Lift capacity 2,352 kg (800 mm ahead of pivot)
Clearance 3,492 mm (full height, bucket dumped)
Rollback force 2,212 kg (ground level)

The 663R front loader fits your tractor perfectly. It's compatible with John Deere front hitches, works with reliable precision and durability, and allows superb all-round visibility. Available in a mechanical self levelling (MSL) or non-self levelling (NSL*) configuration, the 663R front loader is ideal for dealing with all kinds of heavy work, especially grain and similar bulk matter. To make sure our new front loaders meet our standards – and your expectations – we use only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Every component has been exhaustively tested under conditions that are even rougher than those on your farm.