John Deere 7200A TerrainCut


  • TechControl Display locks in performance, and uptime
  • LoadMatch™ to maintain cut quality
  • 35% larger traction drive, 17% larger wheel motor displacement
  • Reach trimming system for bunkers
Maximum rated power: 15.8 kW (21.2-hp)
Reel diameter: 17.8 cm (7-in.)
Cutting width: 173 cm (68-in.) to 183 cm (72-in.)

Get the control and the results that you’ve always dreamed of

Now your presence can be felt on every part of your course. That’s the control you get with the new 7200A PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower from John Deere. Thanks to our TechControl display, no matter who is operating the mower, you can easily program it to mow and turn at exact speeds – and so much more.

The 7200A changes the way trim and surrounds areas are maintained. With the exclusive width-on-demand system, operators can change between a 173 cm (68-in.) to a 183 cm (72-in.) width of cut with 66 cm (26-in.) cutting units or 203 cm (80-in.) to 213 cm (84-in.) with 76 cm (30-in.) cutting units on the go with the simple toggle of a switch.

The 7200A excels in other areas as well. The exclusive Reach Trimming System allows the operator to extend either the front-left or front-right cutting unit up to 35.5 cm (14-in.) or 51 cm (20-in.) (depending on reel size) beyond the outside edge of the tyre, allowing the operator to trim around bunkers and other areas.