John Deere 8000A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mower


  • TechControl Display locks in performance, and uptime
  • Set mowing turn speed to reduce scuffing
  • eHydro™ pedals and Cruise Control reduce fatigue
  • Proven hybrid design eliminates hydraulics from reel circuit
Maximum rated power: 27.7 kW (37.1 hp) at 2,800 rpm
Reel diameter: 12.7 cm (5 in.)
Cutting width: 203 cm (80 in.)

The John Deere E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mowers take high-performance hybrid technology to the next level. The E-cut Hybrid technology uses a 48-V alternator to power the cutting units via electric motors, eliminating all hydraulic leak points from the reel circuit, where 90% of hydraulic leaks occur.

In addition to the elimination of leak points, the E-Cut Hybrid Fairway mowers can be set through the TechControl display to automatically operate at a reduced throttle of 2300 rpm for noice reduction, as well as fuel savings up to 30% as compared to hydraulic units.