Joskin Trans-Cap Agricultural Tipping Trailer


  • Tapered monocoque body
  • Reduced empty weight
  • Tipping stability
  • 1-part hydraulic door

The Joskin Trans-Cap Tipping Trailer is a single or double axle agricultural tipping trailer. Tapered monocoque body. Loading volumes between 10 m³ and 33 m³.


Tapered monocoque body
Designed to facilitate the emptying when tipping, thanks to its tapered shape (front width of 2,18 m and rear width of 2,26 m) and the successive folds of the body side walls avoiding right angles.

Reduced empty weight
Manufactured in high tensile steel (bottom and sides in 4 mm HLE 420) and designed with "folds", the body has a limited number of lateral reinforcements and a reduced empty weight.

Tipping stability
The telescopic tipping cylinder is mounted on a double oscillating frame protecting it from distortion.

1-part hydraulic door
The cylinders, that are integrated into the arms, open the door with a maximum clearance (2,80 m to 3,10 m according to the models). It has a built-in central grain chute (500x500 mm).