Pottinger NOVACAT - Trailed
Pottinger NOVACAT - Trailed
Pottinger NOVACAT - Trailed


Side or Centre Drawbar Models

  •  3 Dimensional ground hugging suspension 
  •  Long Vertical Counter Spring suspension - For optimum floatation
  •  Quick Change blades - quick and easy blade changing
  •  Extra Dry wide spread Conditioner for Quick Drying
  •  Pottinger Cutterbar
  •  Foldable safety guards for easy accessibility
  •  Swivel Gearbox 1000RPM switchable to 540RPM
  •  Heavy Duty Drive Line
  •  Extra Wear skids fitted STD
  •  Available with ED Finger conditioner or CRW crimper roller conditioner

3.5m cut models price on application

Trailed Disc Mower Conditioners 3.0m and 3.5m cut options
307-T - ED (SIDE) 3.0M Finger Conditioner
3507-T - ED (CENTRE) 3.5M C/W Grouper
3507-T - RC (CENTRE) 3.5M Roller Conditioner
3507 - T - RC (CENTRE) 3.5M C/W Grouper
307-T- ED (SIDE) 3.0M c/w Grouper
307-T - RC (SIDE) 3.0M Roller Conditioner
307-T - RC (SIDE) 3.0M C/W Grouper
3007-T - ED (CENTRE) 30.M Finger Conditioner
3007-T - ED (CENTRE) 3.0M C/W Grouper
3007-T - RC (CENTRE) 3.0M Roller Conditioner
3007-T - RC (CENTRE) 3.0M C/W Grouper
3507-T - ED (CENTRE) 3.5M Finger Conditioner