Pottinger TERRASEM ARTIS C6 – C8 (6M & 8M)
Pottinger TERRASEM ARTIS C6 – C8 (6M & 8M)


  •  Universal seed drill suitable for minimum till and cultivated soil drilling
  •  Front Hydraulic depth adjustable 2 x row disc harrows for soil and trash inversion
  •  Rubber mounted Disc and Disc Coulter suspension
  •  Hydraulic Fold for narrow 3.0m transport.
  •  DOUBLE Disc seed coulters and rear mounted press wheels
  •  12 x Large 425/55 R17 Hydraulically - Adjustable Packer tyre chassis
  •  Rear trailing seed covering tine harrow
  •  Adjustable Seed disc coulter pressure from 40kg to 120kg
  •  Electronic seed metering drive for simple calibration
  •  Hydraulic fan with Load sensing
  •  Artis Plus Electronic controller of all functions-Seed Library, pre Calibration, Seed sow rate Adjustment, Fan drive control, Residual seed measurement
  •  Telescopic Drawbar (NZ Std)
  •  Track Eradicators (NZ Std)
  •  Tramline control (NZ Std)
  •  Cross Board Levelling Bar (NZ Std)
  •  Radar (NZ Std)
  •  Loading Platform
PNEUMATIC MULCH SEED DRILL 12.5cm Seed Spacing and 3000Lt Hooper
Code Model Working Width Transport Width No. Coulters Seed spacing Hopper Capacity
8507.00.650.0 C6 ARTIS PLUS 6.0m 3.0m 48 12.5cm 3000LT