Pottinger LION
Pottinger LION
Pottinger LION
Pottinger LION


  •  One piece "DUAL" tines 18mm X 320mm made from fine grain steel
  •  1000 R.P.M Standard - Rotor speed 342 R.P.M
  •  Rear Levelling Bar
  •  PTO Cam Clutch (Integrated in Gearbox on 30001A,4001A Models)
  •  Multispeed Gearbox with pick off Gears
  •  Thick walled Fine Grain Steel gear pan for maximum durability and life
  •  Gear trough slanted downwards - eliminates soil scraping under gear pan
  •  Tine carriers integrated into Casing so are protected from stones.
  •  Tine Carriers fully protected so trash can not Wrap around rotors
  •  Bearings are Tightly sealed with Labyrinth seals and shaft seals
Professional Power Harrows with Massive Tapered Roller Bearings
Code Model Working Width No. Rotors & Tines Max HP Type
872.00.640.0 LION 251 2.5m 8 180 Hp Fixed
873.10.640.0 LION 301 3.0m 10 180 Hp Fixed
873.00.640.0 LION 3001 3.0m 10 210 Hp Fixed
874.00.640.0 LION 4001 4.0m 14 250Hp Fixed