John Deere Starfire 7000
John Deere Starfire 7000


  • RTK-like accuracy - 2.5 cm pass to pass repeatability
  • SF-RTK achieves 75% faster pull-in times, compared to SF3 signal
  • Guaranteed 5-year repeatability, season to season
  • Drop-in replacement for StarFire™ 6000 receiver

The StarFire 7000 Receiver is the latest addition to the suite of Precision Ag Technology from John Deere. The StarFire 7000 Receiver offers greater accuracy, faster pull-in times, and season-to-season repeatability. This means less hardware, faster times recovering from a shading event, and the confidence that your guidance lines and boundaries won't shift from year to year.

The Starfire 7000 offers a new correction level with accuracy like RTK Radio. The SF-RTK correction level provides 2.5-cm (1-in.) horizontal accuracy without the need for additional hardware. This is an improvement of 17 percent from the previous generation of StarFire Receiver. The SF-RTK signal uses two additional satellite constellations (BeiDou and Galileo) as well as both GPS (United States) and GLONASS (Russia) satellites.

The StarFire 7000 and StarFire 7000 Integrated Receivers simultaneously track correction signals from up to three StarFire correction satellites. The receiver tracks and uses correction signals from all StarFire satellites in view and intelligently chooses one that delivers the best performance. When the receiver moves into an area where the primary StarFire signal is blocked, such as near a tree line, the receiver automatically switches to an alternate StarFire signal (if visible) to help maintain accuracy and performance

NOTE: Repeatability may be impacted by large unpredictable geological events such as earthquakes.