John Deere 2500B Diesel Mower
John Deere 2500B Diesel Mower


  • Offset cutting units virtually eliminate triplex ring with a simple change in direction
  • Easy service access
  • Smooth and turf tyre options
  • Smooth and comfortable operation
Engine Cooling Liquid
Electrical System Starter Electric (solenoid shift)
Cutting Units 3- offset design
Instrumentation Hourmetre Digital

Leave behind a great cut and nothing else.

The 2500B PrecisionCut Riding Greens Mowers are extremely light on their feet. Thanks to a high-strength tubular steel frame, our riding mowers carry less weight while actually being stronger than frames that weigh much more. Low-profile tyres also help keep the weight off. They have a wide footprint, thus minimising ground pressure. The cutting units on both units are offset to the left-hand side of the machine. Not only does this provide good visibility to the centre cutting unit, the offset design also allows the operator to alternate the cleanup cut each day. This allows the turf an extra day to recover, eliminating “triplex ring” on the green.