Joskin Trans-Cargo Agricultural Tipping Trailer


  • Tapered monocoque body
  • 1-part hydraulic door
  • Front sight windows with perspex closing plate
  • Reduced empty weight

The Joskin Trans-Cargo Tipping Trailer is an agricultural tipping box to be placed on CARGO chassis. Tapered monocoque body. Loading volumes from 19,4 m³ to 27,4 m³.


Tapered monocoque body
Designed to facilitate the emptying when tipping, thanks to its tapered shape (front width of 2,18 m and rear width of 2,26 m) and the successive folds of the body side walls avoiding right angles.

Reduced empty weight
Manufactured in high tensile steel (HARDOX 450) and designed with "folds", the body has a limited number of lateral reinforcements and a reduced empty weight.

1-part hydraulic door
The cylinders, that are integrated into the arms, open the door with a maximum clearance (from 2,80 m to 3,10 m according to the models). It has a built-in central grain chute (500x500 mm).

Front sight windows with perspex closing plate
All trailer bodies are fitted with 4 front sight windows with view of the inside of the body. They are covered by a perspex plate and can moreover be protected by rods.