Trimax Pegasus S3 Mowers
Trimax Pegasus S3 Mowers


  • Transport
  • Built Tough
  • LazerBladez™
  • Full Width Rollers
  • Grease Free Spindles

Trimax presentation and quality for wide area, road legal mowing.
Since its original release in 2001, the Pegasus established itself as the benchmark in wide area mowing
applications such as parks, reserves, airports, racetracks, sports fields and turf farms.
Despite its large cut width, the mower is deceptively capable on undulating terrain thanks to impressive deck articulation and full width rollers which prevent scalping. It is also capable of performing a zero turn and can manoeuvre around trees and other obstacles with ease.
The Pegasus S3™ combines flawless cutting performance with incredible versatility – it will give a cut finish equal to a cylinder mower in short grass, whilst in longer grass there is simply no comparison.
Another major advantage offered by the Pegasus S3™ is it’s exceptionally low maintenance requirements
compared to cylinder and other rotary mowers, making it a popular choice for commercial applications where minimal downtime is a priority.
View testimonials of customers who are saving thousands per year on maintenance alone with Pegasus S3™ on our Website or our YouTube channel.
Ask us today how Pegasus S3™ can improve your productivity.


  G3 493 G3 610
Cutting Width 4936mm (194 “) 6074mm (239 “)
Overall Width 5082mm (200 “) 6230mm (245 “)
Width (Transport Mode) 2500mm (98 “) 2500mm (98 “)
Cut Height Range 10-110mm (3/8 ” – 4 1/2″) 10-110mm (3/8 ” – 4 1/2″)
No. of Blade Spindles 9 11
Approx Weight 2200kg 2400kg
Minimum Tractor Size 50hp 55hp
Warranty (Years) 3 3


  • Individual Lift System
  • Quattro Blade System
  • Remote Unlock