Trimax Topper Mowers
Trimax Topper Mowers


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Advanced Design
  • LazerBladez™
  • Read Roller
  • Anti-Scalping Disks

Our dedicated pasture and dairy Topper™.
The Trimax Topper™ cuts pasture grass quickly and efficiently. Small diameter blades turning at high speed mean more cuts per meter of travel and less distance to move cut material before it is ejected. Very high under-body clearance guarantees low horsepower requirements and Trimax’s exclusive Anti Block System (ABS) prevents frustrating blockages around spindles in extreme conditions.
The Trimax Topper™ is short from front to rear to minimise leverage and is mounted close to the tractor. This allows the use of smaller tractors for large cut widths and a smaller turning radius for easier access into tight corners.
Talk to us today about how the pasture and dairy mower Topper™ can increase your productivity.


  Topper 237 Topper 282
Overall Height 2316mm (91") 2740mm (107 “)
Overall Width 2460mm (97 “) 2880mm (113 “)
Cut Height Range 20-160mm
(3/4 ” – 5 “)
(3/4 ” – 5 “)
No. of Blade Spindles 3 4
Approx Weight 590kg 605kg
Minimum Tractor Size 45hp 50hp
Warranty (Years) 3 3