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AGrowQuip are the first-choice solution provider for offering machinery, technology and operator training, and value added services built around machine optimisation for uptime, processing of operational data, and utilising information to make more beneficial business decisions. 

Through proactive services and inspections, we can help to ensure your machines are ready for action and not held up in the workshop, or worse - waiting to breakdown. 

Data Management

Improve application rates, fuel economy, input placement, and land stewardship with John Deere displays and StarFire™ receivers. This well-supported precision technology can be put to work quickly so you'll get fast results -- and a fast payback.

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Remote Management

Run your operation from your office. Or from the beach.

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AutoTrac hands-free guidance pays for itself in 2 years. Then it’s all profit.

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Variable Rate Application

When you put down seed and chemical where you need it most, you’ll save seed and chemical (and money).

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Field and Water Management

Whether it's water or soil, your resources are precious. Make the most of them with automated water and field management. Whether it's reducing irrigation costs or being able to have one person create ditches and levees in less time, you'll save on labor and fuel costs, as well.

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StellarSupport is your precision farming support portal. Ask questions or contact GreenStar™ Support and tell us how we are doing.

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Find out how using John Deere Technology AutoTrac can help you farm more efficiently, saving you time and money. 

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Ever wanted to reduce your input and benefit from this? Precision Ag Technology helps you do just that.